Commissions — new pieces added!

You might find it a daunting prospect to commission an item of jewellery without having a starting point. That’s where we can help. All we need is a few simple details about the recipient, such as their build, colouring, favourite colours and/or a description a of an item of clothing to be matched, and then you just need to trust us to design the perfect piece of jewellery!

On this page, you can read about a few of the many commissions we’ve handled since we launched. Please contact us if you would like to discuss a commission — no request too big, small, or too mad and colourful!


Susan’s charm necklace

It was very exciting when Susan commissioned “a mad, colourful necklace”. She handed over a photograph of her favourite necklace lost a couple of years before, mentioned her favourite colours (pink and green) and, to our delight, supplied a handful of charms and beads of sentimental value - including her mother’s identity tag from the war. The result was this 3-tiered necklace – an eclectic mix of beads, shells and charms, which is now cherished by its owner and a great talking point at parties!

“I love it! It’s wonderful to see my Mother’s ID tag as a centre piece to the necklace and that the chain has been incorporated so successfully into the design. It’s very different to the favourite necklace I lost, yet I love this one even more!” Susan, December 2008

A necklace like this or made to your own specifications, customised with personal effects, costs from £60.00.



Claire’s green three-tiered necklace

This necklace was commissioned by a customer as a Christmas gift for her mother. She sent us a photograph, by mobile phone, of her mother’s new dress and asked us to design a necklace that would fill the bare neckline and incorporate the blues, greens, browns, creams etc in the dress. Alas, the image was too small and dark to work from, so she had to describe the nature of the colours to us over the phone (the brown of dark chocolate etc) – a challenging exercise which luckily paid off! Fortunately, the necklace turned out to be a great success.


Danni’s feather earrings

Totally different to anything already in our collection, these feather earrings were commissioned as a gift for a best mate. We were shown a photograph of the friend and briefed on her style (bold) and her preferred colours, and came up with this funky, eye-catching design. We liked them so much we have now produced a selection in different colours available to buy from the on-line shop.


Jane’s long cluster pendant

Since featuring this necklace on the website, we have had many requests to make it – always in a different colour combination. So we thought it would be interesting to show a few of them together as an example of how our make-to-order service can work.





How to order

So, you’ve had a look at our jewellery and the item you want is marked ‘sold’. Or, maybe you just can't find the perfect thing for you. Don't despair! We would be delighted to either make up an item the same or similar to one you've picked out, or we can make an item specially for you.

Please contact us, with a few details about your requirements, e.g. colour, length, occasion, timings etc and we will call you back within 24-48 hrs. Once we have discussed what you’re looking for in further detail, we will be able to give you a quote.

Thank you for your interest. Please complete the requested details below:

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